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PLEASE NOTE: Dress Down t-shirt/mask sales to support Philly public schools will remain open through May 31st. However, any orders placed after May 7th CANNOT be guaranteed delivery by Dress Down Day on 5/21!

Will you Dress Down for Philly Public Schools in 2021?
“Dress Down for Philly Public Schools” raises funds and awareness for Philadelphia public school needs. Thousands of people have purchased t-shirts resulting in more than $115,000 in sales, providing critical funds to nearly each of Philadelphia’s 200+ public schools through Philly FUNDamentals. Show your support in 2021!


In 2018, The FUND for the School District of Philadelphia and The Goldenberg Group co-founded “Dress Down Day” - a City-wide t-shirt sales initiative designed to raise funds and build much-needed awareness for Philadelphia’s public schools. T-shirt sale contributions are directed to benefit a specific School District of Philadelphia school, directly responding to priorities and needs identified by school principals, staff and leadership through Philly FUNDamentals.

To date, more than 3,600 people have “ditched their formal work attire” to purchase and wear t-shirts on “Dress Down Day” - resulting in more than $115,000 in sales supporting nearly every public school in the City of Philadelphia.

While we missed Dress Down 2020 due to COVID, we need YOUR help to take Dress Down Day 2021 to the next level - supporting our City’s greatest asset - its youth! Show your love on Dress Down Day Friday, May 21, 2021 wearing your Dress Down t-shirt and/or mask, and post on social media about why you support Philly public schools.


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Explore Philly FUNDamentals to identify a school and/or funding area to support

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Order Dress Down Day t-shirt HERE and select the school your purchase will support

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Encourage others to support public education through Dress Down Day

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Wear your t-shirt on Dress Down Day, May 21st. Start a conversation…"Why do you Dress Down?"

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Post your pics wearing your shirt!


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